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Emotional Intelligence and wholeness ministry

In the early years of our walk with the Lord we were taught how to read the Bible, how to hear God’s voice, how to lead someone to Christ and many other essential spiritual skills. We learnt how to be mentally intelligent. We learnt how to be spiritually intelligent. But we knew nothing about emotional intelligence and the churches we were part of for the first 10 years of our faith journey never addressed this or spoke about it. It wasn’t until we were opened up to the teachings and ministry of Leanne Payne that we began to see how broken we were, how we carried the scars and wounds of childhood and how without knowing it we were living out of old wounds and repeating old and broken patterns.

God’s vision for us is to be emotionally healthy, to complement the other forms of intelligence.

Emotional health enables us to love well, to create healthy relationships and work effectively in teams. We need to learn emotional intelligence and pursue a journey towards being healthy people. There is a profound connection between being healthy and being holy.

Above all else guard your heart for out of it comes the energy for life. Proverbs 24:3

It is of supreme importance for us to know our own hearts, to become self aware and to learn how to handle the pain, sorrow, anger and fears that we all experience as we walk through this life.

Look out for The Emotional Intelligence course. This covers these topics::

  • Embracing our God given emotions
  • Understanding loss and grief
  • Handling anger
  • Letting go of shame
  • Overcoming fear
  • How God heals our hearts


Watch out for teaching days on:

  • Rediscovering the Fathers love
  • The nurturing love of God
  • True identity