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We want to root everything in the Word of God and to express a dynamic, biblical spirituality.


We want to embrace what God is doing as a family of churches who genuinely love, support and care for one another.  


We want to partner with the mighty Holy Spirit and the angelic hosts in dismantling and defeating the schemes of the Evil One and so to manifest and extend the Kingdom of God in our day.


We want humility, vulnerability, and repentance to be central to our spirituality and lifestyles.


We want to develop a prophetic culture within our families, churches, and ministries, and to truly partner with the wisdom and revelation that flows from the Father to His children.


We want to embrace the reality that warfare between the Kingdoms is a central reality to our lives. Our battle is not against flesh and blood. We are called to wage war on the front foot, and to do so without allowing the prevailing mindset of our Western culture to water it down.