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Leaders area 

Here is a bit more detail on what options are available for you and your church/ministry:


We are committed to being led by the Spirit and tailoring every form of ministry to the unique needs of each pastor and church.

Personal Support, Input, and Prophetic Ministry

Every pastor needs encouragement and support through good times and through bad. We want pastors to experience empowering support that is free from institutional control or pressure to conform. Our heart is to be deeply relational. This can include times to chat issues through, share the joys and pains of ministry, pray together and receive prophetic input and warfare prayer when the battle gets tough.

There is the capacity of creating an intentional coaching relationship to help you become the very best leader that you can be.

Preaching and Prophetic Ministry 

Part of our call is to pray, preach and prophecy in such a manner that new doors are opened in the Spirit. This enables Churches to walk into their original design and their unique purpose and calling. This can include Sunday ministry but there are many other opportunities to release this type of ministry throughout the week.


The goal of our training is to practically equip the saints to rise higher in their gifting and anointing. 

Leadership teams

What do your teams need to go to the next level? This can include staff teams/ eldership teams/ worship teams/ prophetic teams…

Living Free training

Running a Living Free Course is very different to going on one. This would be practical training on how to effectively lead it, and we would address such questions as:

  • What are the pitfalls?
  • What works well?
  • How does it fit into the wider life of the church?
Freedom Prayer training

Developing an effective Freedom Prayer team takes time and an intentional strategy. We can help you get started, train your people, come and resource the team from time to time so that it keeps growing in fruitfulness.

Prophets and Intercessors

A Church that wants an effective expression of the supernatural activity of the Kingdom is going to need prophets and intercessors who are united, supported and trained to play their part in advancing the Kingdom. This takes wisdom and a purposeful strategy. Project 40 can help you discern, train and empower these anointed people in your fellowship.

Ministry Trips

We have seen great fruit in developing lasting change when teams come into a local church for 3-5 days. This length of times allows us to:

  • Pray extensively for your leadership so they personally experience the teaching and new levels of freedom,
  • Support and stand with the church leadership as they think and pray about ways forward,
  • Release prophetic intercession,
  • Begin to address cultural and generational strongholds over the life of the church,
  • Do some teaching and training for key people,
  • Embrace the spiritual values and principals embedded in the Living Free Teaching.

Each trip will be prayed into and developed in harmony with the local leadership so that it moves the. Hrs has forward in the direction the Spirit is leading. These extended trips create significant shifts in the spiritual climate and help establish lasting change.

Revival Days

Many believers have heard the term Revival but have a very minimal understanding of what it means. We aim to teach:

  • The sustained and remarkable story of revival in the UK over many centuries
  • The biblical foundations for Revival
  • The activity of God during Revival
  • The role of the saints in Revival
  • How to pray for Revival
  • How to wait for Revival in a way that is sustainable and does not lead to exhaustion or disappointment

Wholeness and Emotional Freedom  

We are committed to investing into the lives of every believer the understanding, the resources and the practical tools to grow in emotional Intelligence and wholeness. True maturity in Christ involves the whole person and the restoration of the soul must include healing for the heart and the capacity to stay emotionally healthy day by day.

Next Steps 

Please contact Stuart by email expressing the nature of your interest and we will look to begin a conversation to work out what is the best way forward for you and your church family.

Financial Implications

It is our intention to offer the ministry free to local Churches. However we would expect the host church to cover all the expenses incurred by the team and for team members to be hosted by church members for overnight stays. Other than that we would ask the church to prayerfully bless Project40 on the basis of faith, honour and generosity, in line with Paul's teaching in line with Corinthians 9 :6-15.

We look forward to partnering with you in the days ahead!


Email Stuart