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Jason Humphreys

Chiltern Church

I studied theology in Cape Town, where I had the privilege to pastor for ten years before coming to the UK. It was during this time in South Africa that I first connected with Stuart and the Jesus Ministry teaching. These were not new truths, but biblical truth lived with expectation, encounter and authority. I came to realise that despite being charismatic in my theology, I was deeply closed off to much of the supernatural teaching of Jesus. As my wife and I began to wrestle with our own brokenness and need for God, we saw our lives, family and ministry transform. I found I had eyes to really understand the spiritual reality of life and ministry. Suddenly I was able to protect and nurture the church at a spiritual depth I had not known was accessible to me. There is something thrilling about living and ministering on the rock of the scriptures and by faith, running on the river of the Spirit.